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Vasquez's American Bulldogs
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Little girl was the baby of our litter.  From day one she worried us as she ate and moved as much as the rest of the litter but she grew no larger.  Little girl was filled with affection and would lay in the palm of your hand for hours.  While all other pups were 20 - 30 ounces in weight little girl was 10.  The pups opened their eyes at 15 days old, Little girl waited until she was 18 days old.  When she finally opened her eyes she would see us coming and start moving toward us.  She had spirit and strength but her little size beat her out and she couldn't hold on any longer.  On Monday night she had dinner with the rest of the pups, licked my hand and fell asleep in my lap.  We found her the next morning; she had passed in her sleep.  We all will truly miss her and she will be remembered fondly and for a long time.