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Vasquez's American Bulldogs
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Watasha The Lucky Dog





     Thursday Morning 6/21/02 my husband and I are awakened to what sounds like one of our cats is stuck.  Upon entering the living room we found the situation to be different.  In her crate sat Minnie and 5 pups.  We watched her for an hour or so and when she delivered no more we figured being her first litter 5 was it and she was taken outside to go potty.  This was 7 am.  Minnie did her business and returned to the house.  As the day progressed she in fact had 6 more pups.  We lost one at 2 days-she slept on it.  However at day 1 we assumed we had 11 healthy pups at days end.  At 4 pm my husband came home from work and took both dogs out to potty again. While Minnie was over in the corner my husband noticed our boxer mix sniffing an object in the yard.  Upon inspecting the site he found Lucky.  Eight hours in the backyard on her own, Minnie never stopped to clean the pup in the morning however all afterbirth etc. was gone and the pup was clean.  The father to these pups (Cypress) is tied in the back yard and allows nothing but the family cat to enter the property in regard to unattended animals, however he could not reach Lucky; all we can figure is that our family cat cleaned the pup and left it for us to find.  We will never know exactly how she survived but Lucky is now a healthy pup, mid weight for the litter and very active.   She is our lucky puppy. She is also the first pup to open her eyes.